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If you think about it, most of our society relies on all of us to fulfill each other's needs.  When needs for goods, services, companionship, education, health care, etc. are unmet, our society begins to break down - sometimes in dangerous ways.  Unfortunately, the covid19 pandemic is unraveling our very systems that are set in place to help people fulfill their needs.

Though we've seen great progress here on Vancouver Island in reducing the progression of this virus, it's not over by a long shot.  It's going to be a while before businesses fully reopen.  Many jobs have been lost.  And we have to learn new ways of doing things in order to keep everyone safe.

Our various levels of government can only take us so far.  The rest is up to us.  We need to step up and help each other through this.  But first we need to know:  who needs what?

This is where Nanaimo Connect comes in.  We've created groups on Facebook and LinkedIn where you can start conversations with each other.  Tell us all what you need.  Tell us all what you have to offer.  Do you need someone to connect you with goods, services, employment, etc.?  Do you have a business that's open that needs to communicate with customers about new hours and policies?  The more we talk to each other, the more we can help each other out.

Let's do this!  It's going to be a long journey to find our new normal.  So let's take this first step together, and have those conversations about what we need, and what we can do as a community to make sure none of us are left behind.

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